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the world has changed, and none of us can go back.

That gravestone, Rory’s, there’s room for one more name, isn’t there?

Your secret is safe with me. And to even it out I’m going to tell you all of my secrets.


this man kills bloodthirsty monsters

this man stopped the apolocalypse

this man was important enough for God to have him dragged out of hell

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I’m open to all the elements, I’m definitely ready to take anything on. But I don’t want to jump too far into the deep end.


The longer you watch the more childish they get


ok mom if you’re going to scream my name the least you could fucking do is respond to me when i say “WHAT” 20 times

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If u think someone (me) is cute you should tell them (me)

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"you’re so full of yourself" is such a weird expression like what else would I be full of???? bees??? styrofoam?????

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hi everyone, it’s dorothy gale from kansas, and i nominate the wicked witch of the west for the ice bucket challenge

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it’s about, truthfully bringing as much of me to the doctor as written, as possible. what you bring to it, is yourself. (x)